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Step 1. To Sign up, Click this link for Free Account in our Client Portal

Click on Contact Us and complete to short form 

STEP 3. Check your email your gave us in the Contact Form for an “Invite to Our Client Portal” Email. Click on the link to go to Click on Login to MY ACCOUNT

Step 4. Verify Your Account with 6 digit code sent as a Text Message to your Phone 

Step 5. After login, Choose “Schedule Now” to Pay for your ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP to schedule a Consultation Call. 

Step 6. Go to the Top of this page in the Menu and Click REGISTER

(Create Profile and Member Information)

STEP 7. Your Membership (once complete) will be upgraded to FULL PMA MEMBERSHIP PRO then you will have access to the Member Menu

Important Links:

FOR SPC: Hover over SPC / Private Bank Link —> BECOME AN SPC —> Complete Application

(Make sure you can upload your Birth Certificate and SS Card)

FOR Credit Enhancement: CLICK ON ” Credit Enhancement Consultation” and follow the steps to sign up for services

(Be sure you can upload DL or State ID, SS Card and a Bill with your name and address prior to completing application)

FOR OTHER SERVICES: Contact Trustee in the Client Portal here: Member Services



Check the status of your home by Getting a “Annual Title Watch” Service through us. We will monitor any illegal activities associated with YOUR TITLE to prevent it from being illegally transferred to any other party claiming to have an “Ownership” interest in your Private Property. If we detect FRAUD, we will be notified and will proceed to file the necessary documents to prevent the “unlawful conversion of your property.”

Z. Milhouse /
Trustee / Civil Rights Investigator / Online Radio Station Owner
Listen Live at

Email Docs to:

Email Membership Questions to:


The Official People’s Note is a PRIVATE MEMBER ASSOCIATION.

This a Members Only Organization.  for all membership questions and login questions