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Check the status of your home by getting a Bloomberg Securitization Mortgage Audit through us.

Z. Milhouse /
Trustee / Civil Rights Investigator / Online Radio Station Owner
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The Official People’s Note is a PRIVATE MEMBER ASSOCIATION.

This a Members Only Organization. for all membership questions and login questions

Interns and Trainers learn to prepare documents by using

     *our documents downloaded from Westlaw
*using our created documents for credit repair and debt validation
*responding to members via Official People’s Note email Account for FULL MEMBERS
*attending all zoom meetings and conference calls
*Pass a series of tests on accuracy and consistency

The Official Peoples Note will offer employment to Interns who make 100% on their tests. If hired, you will be responsible for assisting friends and family with preparing documents in a process they choose to pursue. We are not attorneys, although, we do occasional work with attorneys, we are not a Law Firm. In the same regard as attorneys, we, also are not “Licensed” to practice law. 


A Global Communications Entertainment Group Ministry

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